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One Tuesday Morning (9/11 Series, #1) - Karen Kingsbury

Even though Jake is the one with amnesia, Jamie only seems to remember the sex of their relationship.... I thought this was a Christian book. I don't want here anymore about how beautiful their lovemaking was.

3.5 Stars
Fraying At the Edge - Cindy Woodsmall
Fraying at the Edge (The Amish of Summer Grove) - Cindy Woodsmall

This was a pretty good book. Wanted to shake Skylar a few times at the beginning and Nicholas throughout the entire book, but it was pretty good. 

Fan Cast: Little Miss Stoneybrook... And Dawn

Kristy: Brianna Daguanno
Mary Anne: Alisha Newton
Claudia: Madison Hu
Dawn: Emma Rayne Lyle
Mallory: Francesca Capaldi
Jessi: Quvenzhané Wallis

3 Stars
Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn by Ann M. Martin
Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn - Ann M. Martin

Dawn's a little jealous when there's a formal ceremony to welcome Jessi and Mallory into the Baby-sitters Club. Don't people know that Dawn's a special baby-sitter, too?

Then it's Dawn's turn to shine. Mrs. Pike wants her to help prepare Margo and Claire for the Little Miss Stoneybrook contest. So what if Margo's only talent is peeling a banana with her feet? Dawn's going to help her charges win that contest any way she can. The only trouble is... Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia are helping Karen, Myriah, and Charlotte enter the contest, too. And nobody's sure where the competition is fiercer: at the pageant - or in the Baby-sitters Club! (from Goodreads)

Series: #15 in the Baby-Sitters Club series

Rating: 3 stars

Dawn is a brat. Also, I hate the fact that everyone is treating Jeff like he's being selfish for wanting to go back to California when Connecticut is obviously making him depressed and angry. You guys are the selfish ones.

The competition was cute, and the rivalry was a bit annoying but age-appropriate.

All in all, not to bad.

Fan Cast: Blind Date by Melody Carlson


Abby: Lauryn Alisa McClain

Bryn: Virginia Gardner

Cassidy: Emma Dumont

Devon: Madelaine Petsch

Emma: Gracie Dzienny



Leonard: Timothee Chalamet

Isaac: Booboo Stewart

Russell: Asa Butterfield

Darrell: Noah Munck

Kent: Colin Ford

2.5 Stars
Blind Date by Melody Carlson
Blind Date  - Melody Carlson

The girls of the Dating Games club are at it again, setting each other up on five blind dates for the upcoming masquerade ball. Trouble is, some of the girls are wondering if the others can be trusted to deliver on their promises. In fact, there's a very real danger that this dating treat could turn out to be nothing but a nasty trick.

Teens will be delighted to spend more time with Cassidy, Devon, Abby, Brynn, and Emma as they navigate the thrilling and awkward world of dating. As always, Melody Carlson subtly delivers great advice wrapped up tight in a package of fun and friendship. (from Goodreads)

Series: #2 in the Dating Games series

Rating: 2.5 stars

This was an overall okay book. I'm not going to lie, I struggle with Melody Carlson books. She's either way to safe or goes way too far. And this a bizarre mix. Safe in sexual content and language but there's a character who drinks heavily and that didn't really need to be in there in my opinion, just a bit of end of book drama. There's no real boundaries for her.

The book itself was okay, but I'm not sure that's it realistic that in a group of five guys, all of them or going to be perfect gentleman. At least one of them would act like a jerk, even if he's just rude. And also, having a date doesn't turn him into Cinderella.

Bryn needs to change her attitude before someone smacks her. I don't know why, but Bryn's attitude bugged me a heck of a lot more than Devon's, even if Devon was kind of worse. Maybe it's because Devon was raised by non-religious parents and now both ignore her, while Bryn was raised as a Christian and has parents and at least one sister who loves her. I don't know, I wanted to punch her lights out half the time. An example: "Well, if our dates turn out to be losers, it means our friends let us down."

Also, as obnoxious as Abby's dad sounds, he is so accurate when he's talking about the influence of Abby's friends. "Bad company corrupts good character" and all that.

Fan Cast: Her Christmas Guardian by Shirlee McCoy


Boone: Domhnall Gleeson
Scout: Rachael Taylor

3 Stars
Her Christmas Guardian by Shirlee McCoy
Her Christmas Guardian (Mission: Rescue Book 2) - Shirlee McCoy


Former army ranger Boone Anderson immediately senses danger when he spots Scout Cramer and her precious little girl while holiday shopping. Then two cars suddenly give chase in the parking lot—kidnapping the child. His worst suspicions are confirmed, and professional instincts propel him into action. Having lost his own infant daughter years before, Boone is determined to reunite the beautiful single mother and her missing child. But when a secret from Scout’s past finally catches up to her, she must work with her self-appointed guardian to save her daughter. Before the kidnappers cancel Christmas for all of them…permanently.

Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes (from Goodreads)

Series: #2 in the Mission: Rescue series

Rating: 3 stars

First things first, BOONE IS PERFECTION. Okay, no, but seriously, I adore Boone. He is my favourite Love Inspired Suspense guy thus far. He’s sarcastic and loves food and God. What else do you need in a guy?

This was good for Love Inspired Suspense, I’ve read much worse. But to be honest, when the book is centered around a single mother whose child has been kidnapped, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that while in a blind panic trying to find her child, she has the mental capacity to fall in love? I don’t know, it’s never really sat well with me. Plus, in the same notion, the stakes are different so while it’s terrible (no child should have to go through that) it doesn’t live up to the suspense part of the name, because from what the readers are getting, nothing really suspenseful is happening. All that is happening to the child, but because we’re from the point of the parent(s), we don’t get that. We just get blind panic.

The fact that Scout (I love this name by the way) had a bad head injury and insisted on never following Boone’s orders, putting herself in danger countless times, kind of irked me. I get it, her daughter has been kidnapped and that’s terrible, no parent or child should have to go through that and the fact that they do sickens me, but she should’ve rested in the hospital and let HEART and the FBI do their jobs, because putting herself on death’s doorstep is not going to help Lucy.

3 Stars
Mandie and the Foreign Spies by Lois Gladys Leppard
Mandie and the Foreign Spies - Lois Gladys Leppard

Mandie, Celia, Mrs. Taft and Senator Morton arrive safely in London and take Jonathan, the young stowaway from Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery, along with them.

A telegram from an unknown source is waiting for Mandie and an unexplained message has been left at their hotel. Who is so interested in what Mandie is doing? And why don't they sign their names? Is this a new adventure-or danger?

When they decide to deliver Jonathan to his aunt in Paris, adventure begins. But what at first seemed like a simple mystery turns into a dangerous trap and an encounter with the disappearing stranger.

Mandie's in Paris and so are the spies! (from Goodreads)

Series: #15 in the Mandie series

Rating: 3 stars

I didn't like how Mandie treated Celia throughout this book, forcing her to go beyond her comfort zone with fear. I have a lot of fear and anxiety and if I had a friend like Mandie trying to force and manipulate me, I'd lose it.

Mini rant aside, I definitely like books with Jonathan better than those with Joe. (#sorrynotsorry) Jonathan is nice to Mandie and treats her as an equal (even if she doesn't deserve it), with some teasing. Joe just talks down to her and acts as if he's better because he's older and he's male. 

Uncle Ned was in this book, so that was a pleasant surprise. Uncle Ned makes everything better.

This was a more enjoyable Mandie book then some of the others, as the stakes were higher with the dangers being more than wandering around a ship pondering their missing fruit.

Fan Cast: Shock Waves by Carolyn Keene


Nancy Drew: Katherine McNamara
Frank Hardy: Richard Harmon

Joe Hardy: Dylan Playfair

Bess Marvin: Abigail Breslin
George Fayne: Brianna Hildebrand
Ned Nickerson: Ansel Elgort



Mercedes: Victoria Justice

Buck: Alexander Ludwig

Claire: Katherine Langford
Taryn: Rae Gray
Roy: Chris Hemsworth

3 Stars
Shock Waves by Carolyn Keene
Shock Waves - Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon

Series: #3 in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries

Rating: 3 stars

Nancy Drew and her boyfriend, Ned, are among the guests invited to flourish Padre Island, on the Gulf Coast. Everyone's geared up for spring break, including Frank and Joe Hardy. The brother detectives happen to be staying at the home of wealthy friend Buck Calhoun. While scuba diving, Buck makes a play for Nancy, which Ned intercepts. But, the game begins when Buck finds a sunken wreck, and a dead body. Meanwhile, Padre Island's social set is raided buy a squad of resort sharks. The sophisticated crime group has ripped off a fortune in loot. But, they've never left a clue until they snatch a pair of melted keys belonging to Joe Hardy. The worthless keys have deep personal value for the youth sleuth. And, he vows to track them down no matter what the risk...in Shock Waves. This novel has twists and turns like a switch-back road that keeps one guessing. (from Goodreads)

First off, there were way too many characters. Bess and George could have easily stayed home and Claire and Kristin were absolutely pointless.

This wasn't a great Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. The others I've read have been much more intense and interesting. There were some weak spots and as I said earlier, it felt crowded. I personally could've done without Ned being there because I ship Frank and Nancy... #oops

The ending wasn't surprising. I didn't guess right, but it was more like "oh, okay" then "OH MY GOSH I NEVER SAW THAT COMING" if you know what I mean. I don't know, at the beginning it's set up like a murder mystery but throughout the book they're focusing on lost pirate treasure and thefts.

Plus there were a couple of mistakes from the cover to the book, like how on the cover Nancy is showing Frank what she found when in the book it's Joe who found it. And in the summary, Buck's last name is different then what it is in the book. All in all, not impressed and a bit disappointed.

Fan Cast: On The Edge by Francine Pascal

Regina Morrow: Vanessa Marano
Elizabeth/Jessica Wakefield: Lili Reinhart
Bruce Patman: Richard Harmon
Amy Sutton: Dove Cameron
Justin Belson: Cameron Monaghan
Nicholas Morrow: Devon Bostick
Molly Hecht: Tessa Netting
Maria Santelli: Francesca Reale

Roger Patman: Tom Holland
Olivia Davidson: Liza Koshy
Ken Matthews: Brandon Larracuente
Caroline Pearce: Rae Gray
Mr. Collins: Lee Pace
Mimi: Lucy Hale

!!! spoiler alert !!! Review
3 Stars
On The Edge by Francine Pascal
On the Edge - Francine Pascal, Kate William

Series: #40 in Sweet Valley High

Headed for trouble...
Regina Morrow and Bruce Patman have been going together for months. But when beautiful, devious Amy Sutton is paired up with Bruce on a school project, she schemes to steal him away from Regina. Little by little Bruce's resistance to Amy's charm begins to crumble.
Regina is furious when she discovers that Bruce has been seeing Amy behind her back. Hurt and betrayed, she turns to Justin Belson, a troubled senior at Sweet Valley High. Regina's friends are worried. They think Justin and his crowd are bad news--it's rumored that some of them are drug users. Is Regina on a dangerous course? (from Goodreads)

This was such a sad book.

Amy Sutton and Bruce Patman are working on a health class project together about drugs. The more time they spend together, the more Bruce starts lapsing into his playboy self from the beginning of the series, and the more he falls for Amy. They hide it from Regina Morrow, Bruce's girlfriend. When Regina catches them at a BBQ held by the Wakefield twins, she feels betrayed by everyone present and turns to one of troubled kids in school, whose friends are known drug addicts. She goes to a party and tries cocaine. And things don't end well.

There is no subplot.

The end sets up the next book Outcast with molly being treated like she has the plague. 

Fan Cast: Secret Admirer by Francine Pascal


Elizabeth/Jessica Wakefield: Lili Reinhart
Penny Ayala: Gracie Dzienny
Enid Rollins: Ciara Bravo
Kirk Anderson: Dylan Minnette
Neil Freemount: Tye Sheridan
Lila Fowler: Laura Harrier
Jeffrey French: Keiynan Lonsdale
John Krager: Jonathan Whitesell



Mr. Collins: Lee Pace
Maria Santelli: Francesca Reale


3 Stars
Secret Admirer by Francine Pascal


Series: #39 in Sweet Valley High


A little too personal...

Sweet Valley High is in a frenzy when the school newspaper begins to run personal ads. Even Penny Ayala, the shy, serious editor of the paper, decides to place an ad, and a boy named Jamie responds. His letters are witty and sensitive just like hers, and he seems to be Penny's perfect match.

Elizabeth Wakefield encourages Penny to pursue her secret admirer. But when she overhears a group of boys laughing about "Jamie," she realizes that Penny's perfect match is only a joke - "Jamie" doesn't even exist! Can she stop the boys from breaking Penny's heart? (from Goodreads)


I relate to Penny Ayala more than any other Sweet Valley High character. For example, she'd rather read than go to a dance and wears comfortable clothes and no makeup. Wow, that describes me to a T. And even more than relating to her personally, this story more or less actually happened to me. Both of us were set up at our school for secret admirer notes used to humiliate us. Except that she got a boyfriend out of it and I'm still single and that was almost ten years ago. 


The subplot features Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler as they use the personal ads as a competition to see who can get the cutest date. The end results are hilarious.


The set up for the next book comes through Regina Morrow as she worries about Bruce Patman not showing up to the dance, instead working on a project with Amy Sutton. And she starts to wonder, is it more than just a project...

Fan Cast: Leaving Home by Francine Pascal

Elizabeth/Jessica Wakefield: Lili Reinhart
Jeffrey French: Keiynan Lonsdale
Enid Rollins: Ciara Bravo
Winston Egbert: Tyler Alvarez
Maria Santelli: Francesca Reale
Bruce Patman: Richard Harmon
Regina Morrow: Vanessa Marano


Alice Wakefield: Laura Dern
Ned Wakefield: Robert Downey Jr.
Lila Fowler: Laura Harrier
Kirk Anderson: Dylan Minnette
Neil Freemount: Tye Sheridan
Tom McKay: Dylan Everett
Penny Ayala: Gracie Dzienny
Lynne Henry: Glennellen Anderson
Olivia Davidson: Liza Koshy

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