Rumors - Kate William, Francine Pascal

Painful lies...
It's every girl's dream at Sweet Valley High to attend the fabulous Bridgewater Ball, and Susan Stewart has the chance to go with handsome, wealthy Gordon Stoddard. Nobody knows where Susan gets her money and style - or who her real parents are - but everyone agrees she's beautiful, friendly, and fun to be with.
Then jealous Lila Fowler starts spreading vicious rumors about Susan's mother - who she really is and why she abandoned Susan. No one wants to talk to Susan anymore, not even Gordon. To clear her name, Susan has to find out the truth about her parents. But is she better off not knowing? (from Goodreads)

Series: Book 37 in Sweet Valley High

The main plot of Rumors features the new character Susan Stewart. An air of mystery envelops the girl as fellow students speculate who she is and where she came from. Susan is dating fellow new character Gordon Stoddard, a rich kid amongst the likes of Lila Fowler and Bruce Patman. Lila, jealous of Susan having a date to the Bridgewater Ball, and someone rich at that, spreads a vicious rumour about who Susan's real mother is, causing everyone, including Gordon, to turn against her. Except for Elizabeth and Allen. At the end of the book, all is revealed positively and too-good-to-be-true in typical Sweet Valley fashion.

The subplot with the Wakefield twins in this book is about Jessica thinking her mother is pregnant and convincing Elizabeth and Steven to share in her beliefs. Hilarity and awkwardness in ensues, and all is revealed at the end of the book.

The set up on the last three pages of the book for the next book in the series (book 38, Leaving Home) features Regina Morrow as she gives Elizabeth Wakefield brochures to a boarding school in, wait for it... Switzerland. What will happen? What will Elizabeth decide? Tune in this Saturday for answers.