Mandie and the Foreign Spies - Lois Gladys Leppard

Mandie, Celia, Mrs. Taft and Senator Morton arrive safely in London and take Jonathan, the young stowaway from Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery, along with them.

A telegram from an unknown source is waiting for Mandie and an unexplained message has been left at their hotel. Who is so interested in what Mandie is doing? And why don't they sign their names? Is this a new adventure-or danger?

When they decide to deliver Jonathan to his aunt in Paris, adventure begins. But what at first seemed like a simple mystery turns into a dangerous trap and an encounter with the disappearing stranger.

Mandie's in Paris and so are the spies! (from Goodreads)

Series: #15 in the Mandie series

Rating: 3 stars

I didn't like how Mandie treated Celia throughout this book, forcing her to go beyond her comfort zone with fear. I have a lot of fear and anxiety and if I had a friend like Mandie trying to force and manipulate me, I'd lose it.

Mini rant aside, I definitely like books with Jonathan better than those with Joe. (#sorrynotsorry) Jonathan is nice to Mandie and treats her as an equal (even if she doesn't deserve it), with some teasing. Joe just talks down to her and acts as if he's better because he's older and he's male. 

Uncle Ned was in this book, so that was a pleasant surprise. Uncle Ned makes everything better.

This was a more enjoyable Mandie book then some of the others, as the stakes were higher with the dangers being more than wandering around a ship pondering their missing fruit.